DATE     EVENT                                        PLACE   PIANO PIECES
 Feb. 15, 2003     2nd Annual Valentine Dinner Dance     Humberwood Community Center       Petite Chien & Turkish March
   Filipino Health & Education Foundation Etobicoke, Ontario  
Aug. 24, 2003    1st Music Festival  FCAPSG                Seventh Day Adventist Church 8 Classical Music Medley
  FilCan Autism Parent Support Group Bramalea, Ontario   
Oct. 24, 2003                                              2003 Gala Night- ASO   Toronto Botanical Garden 8 Classical Music Medley
                                   Autism Society Of Ontario       Toronto, Ontario  
 Nov. 22, 2003   Annual General Meeting   Columbine Center  8 Classical Music Medley
  Kerry's Place for Autism  Toronto, Ontario  
Dec. 18, 2003    Christmas party FCT  FCT Center, Toronto  8 Classical Music Medley
  Filipino Center Toronto  Toronto, Ontario  
Dec. 06, 2003    First  Piano Recital                                Merriam School of Music Sonatina in C major
  Oakville, Ontario  
Feb. 14, 2004    3rd Annual Valentine Dinner Dance   Humberwood Community Center  Sonatina, K545, Etude,
  Filipino Health & Education Foundation   Etobicoke, Ontario  Kapantay ay Langit
Feb 17, 2004    Second Piano Recital  Merriam School of Music  Sonatina in C major
  Oakville, Ontario  
April 16, 2004     Gail and Mike Jones'  Wedding                    Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club  No Other Love, Ave Maria
  of Kerry's Place  Toronto, Ontario  Sonatina in c major
Nov. 13, 2004   Paetenians Xmas/Induction Party Crowne Plaza Hotel  You Raised Me up, Canon,
  Paetenians International Can. Chapter  Toronto, Ontario   Pasko na Sinta Ko
Nov. 20, 2004   Children's Xmas Party Tansley Wood Community Center 8 Christmas Medley
  ASO - Halton Chapter  Burlington, Ontario  
Dec. 7, 2004    Third Piano Rectial  Merriam School Of Music  Sonatina in C Major &
  Oakville, Ontario Etude in D Minor
Dec. 9, 2004 Children's  Xmas Party Geneva Center for Autism  Christmas Carols
  Geneva Center for Autism Toronto, Ontario  
Jan. 7, 2005 " A " Festival Of Arts  SEARCA Auditorium Etude in D minor
  Autism Society Phil. Laguna Chapter    UP Los Banos, Laguna 8 Classical music Medley
Jan.28, 2005    Fourth Piano Recital Merriam School of Music Dance of the Marionettes
  Oakville, Ontario  
May 3, 2005  Harmony (A Cappella) - Board Meeting  Halton, Ontario   8 Classical music Medley
June 9, 2005    7th Annual Music Festival  Clearview Auditorium  Sonata in C minor
  Competitive Piano  (Advanced Level) Oakville, Ontario Sonatina in G Major
Aug.30, 2005  Trillium Health Center  The Palladian Club Etude in D minor
  Retirement Tribute  Mississauga, Ontario  Milonga del Angel
Aug.31, 2005    Tiffany's Memorial Service Rexdale Alliance Church  Canon, Fantasie Impromptu
  Etobicoke, Ontario Lead Us Lord
Sept.18, 2005    2nd Music Festival FCAPSG Seventh Day Adventist Church  Turkish March
  Bramalea, Ontario Fantasie Impromptu
Nov.09, 2005     Harmony Membership Reception Sheraton Hotel Fantasie Impromptu
  Hamilton, Ontario Rondo a Cappriccio
Dec.14, 2005     Fifth Piano Recital  Meriam School of Music  Rondo a Cappriccio
  Oakville, Ontario  
Feb.13, 2006     Sixth Piano Recital  Merriam School of Music  Golliwog's Cakewalk
  Oakville, Ontario  
May 31,2006    8th Annual Music Festival  Clearview Auditorium  Valse Op.64 no.2 C#minor
  Competitive Piano (Artist Level) Oakville, Ontario  
  (won 3rd Place)  
June 24, 2006  Paetenians Dinner/Induction Party  Garnet Williams Community Center Valse Op.64 no.2 C#minor
  Paetenians International, Can. Chapter   Thornhill, Ontario