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I have autism since I was almost 3. I am now 25 years old. At 18, I became a concert pianist. I love Jesus, God is always my help and my friend. I graduated from High School after 7 years. I miss St. Joan of Arc, I miss my unforgettable teachers so much. God bless you and thank you forever!  I work part time at Tim Horton's for 3 years now. I just got my Orange Belt in TaeKwonDo. And last summer I won Special Olympic Bowling championship.  I am now preparing for my 4th fund raising concert. Do you like my new cover photo? Meet my Dad and my Mom, I love them so much and I try to take care of them because they work very hard and because their life is all about me since I was born. Updated January 2017.

Autism is a lifelong neuro-developmental disability. It is treatable when diagnosed early!

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I now share my Mama's Fb. My Dad temporarily deactivated my account after I got over-involved with the Candy Crush Saga, a puzzle video game for Facebook. After playing it for over 2 years I was already at the top board joined by many players. In the game, players complete levels by swapping colored pieces of candy on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same color. Matches of four or more candies create unique candies that act as power-ups with larger board-clearing abilities. Boards have various goals that must be completed within limited amount of time by reaching highest score or collecting a specific number of a type of candy. I enjoy the game so much especially when other players ask my help to achieve power-up goals. However my Internet Wifi often slowed down and disconnect on my iPad I stress out, I become helpless and angry, I have a bad 'meltdown'. So, now I just help Mama upload photos and Like on her Timeline. Please click HERE to follow Mama. You may be asked to login or sign-up.

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WATCH FOR RON'S NEXT CONCERT: October 22, 2017 in Vaughn, Ontario

Hi, again, it's me Ron. I was 15 years-old here practising at home. You may listen to Lieberstraum while you
read my story below. (NOTE: Please click on the volume icon and decrease sound to hear other video sound)

Following Ron's growth and development from the time Ron was
diagnosed at almost 3 years old


The 'A-Plus' Band - 2008

First concert - 2009

Poster Boy - 2010

GenevaCentreGala 2011

YEAR 2017


Hello, everybody! This website started in the Year 2006


It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential.
Hans Asperger

You've got to keep the autistic child engaged with the world. You can't let the child tune out.
Temple Grandin

I love you, you love me. We're a happy family. with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too!
my childhood friend Barney

Together for Autism!



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Autistic beings develop and bloom if their spirits, talents and self-esteem are not destroyed by bullies, prejudices, ‘doggie-training’, and being forced to be ‘normal’.”

HERE IS MY STORY..........

Screengrab from FB 2013 photo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June, 2006
Hello! My name is
Ron Michael Quesada-Carolino-Adea. I am autistic. I am 14 years old. I still have a hard time speaking what I exactly want to say. I studied piano very young. Also when I was very young and could not speak yet, I was always happy when I was playing all day with my books and my music tapes.

Papa bought me gifts of Barney tapes, Disney books sets containing many colored pictures of animals, kings, princess, airplanes, oceans and mountains. Mama would read them to me and that's how I never forgot  and learned how to say the book titles. I memorized all of the titles when I was young but I forgot them now. I luv Barney videos and songs. I played with Barney a lot. He gives me so muh happy times.

Dada Lee said I had a 'photographic' memory when I was very young. She said it means I have pictures of words, music, letters and things printed on my brain. Except, she said, I can't show the pictures because my brain does not know how to communicate because I am a 'special needs' person. (Photo with Dada Lee in 2016 family weekend in Quebec City)

I asked her how I can print the pictures from my brain and she said I can't because my brain is human and not a computer. Then she said, I should always try to draw or paint stuff that are on my brain when I have time. And so, one night I had this important dream. I made a drawing of  what I dreamt and showed it to Mama and Papa.

When I was 5 years old, I enjoyed watching Barney on PBS channel on TV. Since then, Barney became my favorite and became my childhood friend. My real persons childhood friends when we were babies were my cousins Tracey, Ryan, Christian, Audrey, Cheenee, Jom and  Ligene. But I could only talk from my mind with Barney. I was able to show Barney how happy he made my life. My cousins understood how I am a 'special needs'.

Now my cousins are grown-up too they are now going to university. I can not go to university because we have no lots of special money. I save my paycheque from Tim's and I buy my airplane ticket to travel to the Philippines to help my autistic friends there and play in concerts. This coming February 5 I will be playing with Thara Marie at the Mall Of Asia with the Angels Walk Philippines. Watch here the Autism of the Philippines Angels Walk 2015...


Papa taught me how to use the cassette player. Since I was not old enough to go to school yet  I had been enjoying Barney music on my cassette player. Then, Dada Lee whose work is with computers showed me the Barney website. And even today, I always love going to www.barney.com and I go there all the time after I finished my homework. I feel very safe and happy in Barney's world. Dada Lee told me Barney is only a pretend world, I often wish Barney is real world person like me.

Papa told me I am now a big boy and Barney was for me when I was still little. Because I remember growing up with Barney and how happy I always were with Barney and friends I feel Barney will always be part of my whole life wherever I am.

Also, my favorite Web site is the Hilary Duff's official homepage because she is my favorite singer. And in the Philippines my favorite is Sarah Geronimo. Their songs make me happy. I listen to some of them and try to play on my piano by ear. I enjoy playing mostly classical music,

I now perform at concerts & recitals. Sometimes I forget I have bad manners. I go into tantrums when I get upset. My Mama & Papa teach me Control & Relax. I want to learn everything. My brain is very busy all the time. 

I start high school this year. I still can't speak very well but I'm good at writing and reading. I love to be with people but I confuse them because I am learning how to act properly. I hang out with my friends Timothy & Taylor. I am very close with my cousins Ryan & Christian Carolino, Daniel Asuncion, Jill and Gil Garrovillo & Ligene Pilar and I sleepover at their house. I miss my cousins Cheenee & Jerome Carolino & Audrey Adea in Manila.

My youngest uncle Arnold Quesada is my big buddy. He lives in Scarborough. I feel safe when I am with them because they teach me and assist me how to talk and be social with people. 

I like to dance hip-hop. My cousin Audrey taught me the otso otso and chiwawa. I like line dancing, too. My Dad and Mom take me to my music lesson every week. I practice my piano pieces every day for 2 hours at home. Dada Lou is my audience. She is my mom's mom. She patiently sits and listens to me the whole practice time. I live at home in Mississauga with my parents & my Lolo Romy, Lola Nene Adea and my Tito Leo. I hope you enjoy my music.

Please enjoy and visit my other pages. My Dada Lee is helping me build this Web site. She was also my caregiver when I was a baby. Dada Lee is my mom's aunt & best friend. She is a piano & Yamaha keyboard player. Dada Lee introduced me to her computer and her Yamaha digital piano when I was 4 years old. I learned fast how to play the Barney song with my right hand all by myself. Barney makes my life very happy. I have his collections of books and cassette tapes  since I was 3 years old.

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Classical piano teacher, Ms. Eileen Keown 

Merriam School of Music

1st piano teacher Mrs. Jane Trung Tu
Autism & tantrums 
are related to each 
other. There's truly 
nothing wrong with 
autistic children 
acting out their 

Children may act
irrational with heightened panic, fear, panic, rage
and anxiety.

These are typical in an autistic child.

These actions also
involve distracting manners, like defying contact with others, pushing other kids
away, uncontrollable crying & screaming.
Parents find it hard to prevent these disturbing behaviour and actions from happening.

Biting, pinching & hitting are inconsolable & may
last for a long period.

Panic, rage, aggression,
continue from childhood, thru adolescence and
even to adulthood.


A most effectual and ideal way to handle
tantrum behaviors is to ignore the act with a show of love.

Parents must teach their child how to express and
manage anger.

Parents or guardians
need to recognize the causes of the child's emotional instability.

Never blame, reprimand or even shout at the child. The key is to give, not to give in!

A giant bear hug
is so totally
'soul-good` after a heart-rending meltdown!

Dada Lee

Indigo Book Store

broken arm

worst chicken pox in
the whole world!

chicken pox almost gone"
Hospital for Sick kids

luv playing alone


Bonding with Mama
at the Park


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Web sites to visit

Autism Society of Ontario

Geneva Centre for Autism

Autism Treatment Services, Canada

Hans Asperger's Website

Dr. Temple Grandin, Ph.D (well-known autistic adult)

(circa 2004)
Autism Vaccination Quotes

February 02, 2010
Medical Journal Retracts Article Linking Vaccines and Autism

What are the characteristics of autism?

The degree to which people with an autistic spectrum disorder are affected varies, but all those affected have what is known as a triad of impairments. This triad affects:

  • social interaction (difficulty with social relationships)

  • social communication (difficulty with verbal and
    non-verbal communication)

  • imagination (difficulty in the development of play and imagination).

In addition to this triad, repetitive behaviour patterns are a notable feature and a
resistance to change in routine.

What causes autism?

This is a question everyone asks. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to answer because the pattern of behaviours from which autism is diagnosed may not result
from a single cause.

There is, however, strong evidence that autism can be caused by a variety of physical reasons, all of which affect brain development. It is not due to emotional problems or emotional deprivation. Onset of autism is almost always before the age of three years. It affects four times as many boys as girls, and has no class or racial barriers.

What is the prognosis?

Autism is not curable but it is treatable, especially if it is diagnosed early in life.

Who do I go to for a diagnosis?
The family doctor noticed Ron's autistic features when he was 2˝ years old. The doctor advised Ron's parents to take Ron to the Hospital For Sick children for a diagnosis. It was there and then Ron started his personal journey with autism.

If you suspect that an autistic spectrum disorder is present, you need to refer your child for a specialist diagnosis and assessment as early as possible. Start with your local GP who should be able to refer you on to a local expert. Source: <http://www.autism.org.uk/en-gb.aspx>

RECURRENT TANTRUMS [source: http://www.child-central.com/
"It is better to build children than to repair adults "

Most people might regard autism as an abnormal condition, but young autistic patients, like ordinary children, are also prone to these frustration-triggering events.

To deeply understand how autism affects tantrums and vice versa, parents must need to look at how autistic patients act or respond to stimuli. Like most ordinary kids, children with autism also rely on rituals. They form these habits as they grow.

These rituals then become the building blocks of the autistic child's structural behavior or commonly as the structure. The structure is simply a method, a set of rules that define how the child acts upon, responds, and decides after a given stimulus.

Like normal children, autistic kids also experience difficulty and intensity of the information they collect using their senses. However, a lack of learning ability hinders children with autism to react cognitively to their environment.

Overwhelming changes in the environment and incomprehensible stimuli cause disturbance in the structure of the child. He may even feel uneasy with the subtle changes that occur in his surroundings.

Events, like waking up at atypical hours, going to school in a different way, going to school using the bus instead of the car, or a hidden favorite toy are push button activators of autistic tantrums.

For a child with autism, the world becomes confusing when things are not in order anymore. The child has to decide between imposing his own structure and responding to the changes of his world. He thinks that he is right, but because he is confused, he ends up in rage, either to catch attention or simply to manipulate the situation.

Another likely cause of challenging autistic behaviors is the lack of communication between the parents and the patient. When there is an expected change in the environment of the child, the parents must explain to the child the purpose of the changes.

Parents then must teach the child how to react accordingly and explain to them the consequences when the child does not act appropriately. On the other hand, the parents must also learn to respond to the message of the child through his tantrums. His tantrums may mean that the child is hungry, in need of diaper change, or wants to go to bed.

More Tips for Parents:

1. List down all of your child's strange behavior and bring him to a specialist for a complete diagnosis.

2. Learn more about the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Protect your child from discrimination and unfair treatments.

3. Social and language skills are problematic in autistic children. Bring your child to a speech therapy and a segregated program. Better yet, bring them to an inclusion program. Do not be afraid to let your child mingle with normal kids.

4. Join organizations that promote the well-being of autism patients.

5. You must be patient and considerate with your child. Managing an autistic child's irrational behavior is big challenge for most families. Just bear in mind that your child does not intentionally misbehave. He is merely adjusting to environmental changes.

6. Lastly, never force a child to do a specific task. Give him space and time to learn.


Paetenians Canada (Facebook timeline)

BARKADA -forever beauties

the Sisons(nee Candy De Leon-Jeturian),Dadadu,Judy
with Candy

tita mennen with tita glo  visiting from California

the Adeas and the Marzos


At the airport bye again Tito Emil, Tita Jenny missed us

At Eastwood, Metro Manila

Selfie with Ate Jean

Tita Aurea Pascual

BFFs barkada forever

Lolo Tirso, Lola Sonia Calaranan at Eastwood, Tito Raymond taking photo

Thank you Tito Raymond Quesada Calaranan

Thank you Dada Tirso, Dada Sonia, Tito Raymond

Dada Du's Paete angels

dada Du's favorite Kaka Pina Baldemor

Dada Du was 90 years old in heaven. Paete we miss you very much!




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